Hand Drills

A hand drill crew consists of one loader, one driller and 3 drill helpers.  A crew typically drills a series of 3 meter holes.  A 5 seat UTV is used for transportation to and from the different locations in a seismic program.


  • Seismic Drilling (3 meter deep)
  • Muskeg Probing (10 meter deep)

Uses for the Hand Drill Crew

  • Narrow lines (0.5 meters)
  • Hilly Terrain/River Ravines
  • Riparian areas
  • Soft Ground Conditions/Muskeg
  • Heli portable
  • Environmental sensitive areas

The hand auger has a 7 hp one cylinder gas engine that powers the belt driven gearbox.

The UTV can only operate in low gear and it has seat belts for all 5 passengers.  It also has a 3500 pound winch mounted.

Our Pickup trucks have 4×4 and ROP’s. The trailer has a storage box mounted for all of the equipment and it also transports the UTV.

 Hand Drill Crew specification

  • Kawasaki Mule 4010 with diesel engine
  • First aid kit, fire extinguisher, spill kit
  • Two field radios
  • 3 hand augers
  • 3×4 feet auger pipe, 10x 5 feet auger pipe
  • Tool kits and spare parts
  • Heli cages with two magazines for heli portable programs
Aguila Culp North October 07 016
We are starting the pilot hole with a five foot drill stem.
Aguila Culp North October 07 002
Drilling the pilot hole
Aguila Culp North October 07 012
First five feet of the hole have been drilled. Now we need water to drill the next five feet.
Aguila Culp North October 07 019
Now that the water has been poured into the hole, the 10 foot drill stem is inserted and there is five feet sticking out. We place the hand auger on top and the guys get into position to drill the remaining five feet.
Aguila Culp North October 07 020
Still drilling the 10 foot hole
Aguila Culp North October 07 028
Drilled all the way down to the ground 10 feet
Aguila Culp North October 07 033
Pulling the 10 foot stem out to clean it

One thought on “Hand Drills

  1. Hi Lora! Thank you so much for writing your comment. As a result of your comment, we have done a better job at describing the procedure so that it does not create confusion. The photo you are referring to is pouring water to lubricate the hole. We have since added captions, and appreciate you taking the time to comment so that we could make this improvement.

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